Where should you stream live to – Facebook, YouTube or Twitter?

Where should you stream live to - Facebook, YouTube or Twitter?

There's no doubt live video is the best tool you can use to turn leads into buyers,

but with a limited amount of time on your hands, which platform should you focus on -

  • Facebook?
  • YouTube?
  • Twitter?
  • LinkedIn?
  • Instagram?

The answer is always: be everywhere but bring them to your own site to build your own virtual assets.

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I got most of the stats. I accept the two obvious results and your spot on emphasis on Google ranking. The reality I have been thinking about since our last discussion is the importance of building your own platform so just as G+, our one time home, gets screwed into the ground, those that were nearly 100% centered on the Hangout broadcast lost their audience. Millions of followers gone. That musician had to take the time to heal and rebuild and she has altho now I wonder if she hasn’t some of the same errors and I hadn’t realized it… Read more »


Sorry for the long initial comment.

Kathy Mason
Kathy Mason

Do you know the best way to get LIVE everywhere? Are you doing this through one company and sharing it LIVE all at the same time?


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