The trick to looking like you‘re in a professional studio when really, you’re sitting at home in your PJs.

Did you know that out of the 78% of people who are already watching Facebook Live daily, 90% of them think that the video quality is the most important aspect?

A few days ago I showed you how you can create high-quality videos in just a few hours without hiring a film crew (if you missed it, here's the replay) but how do you get the same professional look and feel when you go LIVE?

That's what I'll be sharing with you tomorrow - at 1pm CST (11am PST, 2pm EST)

I'm going to show you how you can have the Grant Cardone look and feel with 1 PC and a green screen.

I'll show you how you can have commercials breaks, branded videos and live interactions (by you calling in or jumping in to chat live {wink wink})
and best part -
We're going to do it without breaking walls, buying 10 screens or hiring camera crew.

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Neville Swaby
Neville Swaby

Where is the Sound, I can’t hear you.

Virginia Parsons
Virginia Parsons

Fun live Yifat. Hope to join you one of these days. Liked the Acquarium effect. I do something similar with a lake video.

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