Content Marketing Benchmarks: Does Your Company Stack Up?

This morning Forbes released an article with all the content marketing activities your company needs to do to see a return on their content marketing efforts.

At the top are:

  • Having an omnichannel content strategy
  • How to create more engaging content (72% struggle with it).
  • More content may not be the answer. Your audience may want different content.
  • Visual content is becoming a top priority (leveraging things like on-demand and live video, social platforms that focus on video and images )
  • The social channels getting all the attention (how do you move buyers to your own cart?)

Still, our biggest challenge as business owners is - TIME.

How can you be an effective marketer and still have time to serve your clients and have a life?

Guess what....

I figured it out for you.

You've seen me go live on all social channels at once, getting Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to do the marketing for me, as I drive my audience to my own site to create user generated content in real time.

Tomorrow at 1pm CST I'll walk you through my entire "10x Engagement Plan"
and show you how I -

  • Save time on content creation, marketing and distribution
  • Grow my mailing list
  • Increase engagement and sales

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Holy Moly,
The value here is insane. I’m really excited and I’m sure that I will have tons of questions.


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