How To Quickly Turn Leads Into Buyers With The Prowess Of Live Video.

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This is Brilliant!! It‘s the most exciting webinar I’ve been on in three years!

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What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:

Secret #1

How To Have A Big Audience Showing Up And Staying On Your Live Shows

Even if you think you don't have a big enough audience now, and that you're hardly getting any engagement from your list or your social media.

Secret #2

The Secret Camera Hack

Learn how to eliminate your camera fright, know exactly what to say every time and never look ugly on camera.

Secret #3

How To Make Money From Live Shows Even If You Don't Have A Product Of Your Own!

Learn the super simple technique to creating a system that turns your viewers into buyers.


I'm Yifat Cohen - the Geek that Google flies around to its many offices around the world, freelance style, to speak about products they've let ME and a select few others both test and train for way before everybody else.  

I help successful entrepreneurs build a loyal audience of raving fans and hungry buyers withOUT spending a dime on ads or affiliates.

I’m that Geek who makes you a quarter of a million dollars in just 10 days.
That scores 80% retention on an hour and a half hangout. (Indeed)
That gets you 2,740 views in 3 minutes flat.
Over 30,000 clicks in just two weeks...
And more than quadruple the comments and shares of Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy
Kawasaki combined!

I’m that Geek that calls you out on your vanity numbers.
That will go ahead and GAMIFY your system to get your members REAL results:
Like dropping 12 inches in 3 weeks. (Say what ?!?)
Like attracting $15,000 clients to the $3,000 course you’re selling.
Like making good on a cool 40% conversion rate.

I’m that Geek that whisks all your tech troubles away, so you can do what you do best.
The one you'll gladly throw before the camera, but who can direct you from behind it too.

How do I manage all this? Simple.

I'm Yifat Cohen.
That Geek who gets you the kind of attention you need so people want to reach out and engage with you and be a part of your world.
Yeah, I'm just that Geek


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Yifat is a genius at creating engagement that converts into clients.

Elizabeth Anne Hamilton

She will deliver ROI of at least 10 to 1. I have witnessed this first hand.

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